IDConsulting is a Cape Town based company boasting 5 years of Microsoft database administration experience from versions SQL 2005 to SQL Server 2012.

IDConsulting’s customers include British American Tobacco and Probia.  We offer Microsoft SQL database support independent of application.

helps organisations to assess, design and efficiently operate their Microsoft software allowing them to unlock the value of their investment. We maintain a buck stops here approach ensuring an honest, forthright and rapid solution to our customer’s needs.

 offers both an ad-hoc service along with day to day onsite support.

These services typically include:

1. Daily Tasks include:

  • Monitor database alert log for any errors
  • Monitor database growth for future capacity planning
  • Database monitoring/housekeeping
  • Monitor disk space on servers
  • Monitor all scheduled concurrent jobs
  • Ongoing monitoring of the system during the day, this will typically include….
    • Looking out for any long running jobs (i.e. jobs running for longer than 60 minutes)
    • Look out for disk space running low

2. Other Tasks Include:

  • Apply all patches to PROD
  • Be the sole custodian of the APPS password
  • Change APPS and module passwords on a regular basis to ensure security
  • Define printers on Operating System before they are defined in Apps
  • Clone the development environment from PROD on a regular basis (ie once a month preferably after the payroll has run)
  • Responsible to investigate and resolve any performance issues